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Mondadori Press Service is the syndication agency, branch of Mondadori Editore S.p.A., charged of spreading and selling pictures and texts produced by our magazines, through our International Partners.

We started our business in the early '50s years, with the coming up of magazines as "Arianna", "Epoca", "Tempo".
Nowadays we sell more than 10.000 features a year throughout the world.
We provide our clients / agents with material sent through different channels as: WEB, FTP, e-mail or, when necessary, transparencies.

As leaders of syndication, we export Italian style - fashion, beauty, food and interior - all over the world.

Contact us

BARBARA MELEDANDRI +39.02.7542.3793

MARTA TALARICO +39.02.7542.2064

ERIKA VILLA +39.02.7542.2774

ALICE RANAUDO +39.02.7542.2455

GAIA TONANI +39.02.7542.2063

Fax. +39.02.7542.3720


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